Justin Nozuka | Rough Trade Concert | New York, NY

Justin Nozuka was in New York for the last stop of his tour and played for the crowd until they swayed to the trance of his choice. His new album, Ulysees, left my heart filled with peace and understanding. His performance at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY, touched my soul and is something I will not soon forget. Nozuka had two remarkable artists with him to open up his show. One of them was Megan Bonnell hailing from Canada like Nozuka. She is a beauty to behold and her dreamy, soulful voice makes her a complete knock-out. With her sweet disposition and illuminating stage presence, no one could overlook her. The crowd adored Megan and insisted she continue to play long after her set came to an end. Sanders Bohlke followed after Bonnell, with his beautiful and calming melodies. He cleverly layered his voice over live recordings during the show to produce harmonies with himself and it made the crowd take notice. It’s amazing how I can now work with such clarity when I have his music playing in the background. Bonnell and Bohlke have made me a new fan of their music and I can’t wait to hear more from them in the future.

xx Sam

X Ambassadors + Parade of Lights | The Reason Tour | CT + NY

X Ambassadors and Parade of Lights were on tour recently and when I went to photograph them, I didn’t know their performances would shake me to my core. I had the great opportunity to photograph both bands at The Space in Hamden, CT and at The Bowery Ballroom in New York, NY.

I first saw Parade of Lights at SXSW in Austin, TX. I had such a fantastic time photographing them at the renowned music festival. Combining their sound with X Ambassadors was the perfect mix of alt-electro and alt-rock. Both bands have high energy throughout their sets and really know how to get a crowd pumped up. Parade of Light’s EP “Golden” is taking off fast and rightly so! It’s become so difficult not to dance while photographing these guys. I just can’t help it!

Shooting for X Ambassadors was an amazing experience. Having listened to their EP “The Reason” on Spotify before attending the show, I knew X Ambassadors were going to deliver a killer evening. I didn’t know just how engulfed in their music I would become. Listening to their music online is fantastic, but in person - watching them give it all up on stage, seeing the raw passion for their music.. It’s something entirely different and soul rocking. “The Business” is one of my favorite songs ever.

Discovering new bands and photographing them live has become my passion and obsession. I am never not thinking about who’s music will blow my mind next!

I’ve posted their EPs below so you can check them out. Listen to them. Fall in love. Thank me later.

xx Sam

SXSW 2014 | Concert Photography | Austin, TX

The 2014 SXSW Festival in Austin, TX was one adventure that I'll never forget. I photographed The Kooks, The 1975, Parade of Lights, Emily King, Lemaitre, Daley, Young the Giant, Hey Marseilles, Claire, and Tensnake thanks to Astralwerks Records. Not only were the shows incredible, but the inexhaustible energy from all SXSW fans throughout the week kept me going. Every attendee was excited to party, watch a countless number of live shows and eat some of the amazing food that Austin had to offer. There were shows constantly playing in any bar or venue that you would walk past. You could hop in and out and head across the street if you wanted to hear someone else jam. I even spotted a few celebrities roaming around who weren't performing like Ingrid Michaelson, Drake Bell and Jared Padalecki. It was such a dream photographing The Kooks for the first time. I've been listening to their music since high school, so finally seeing them live and being their photographer was a real highlight of the trip. I'm a huge fan of The 1975 as well. Their spirit on stage was killer and I have tons of photos of them that I love. Meeting Daley opened up doors to shoot more of his shows in NYC, and I'll be photographing more Parade of Lights shows in NYC too! The lovely Emily King was fantastic in all of her performances as always and has some incredible new music that you should check out.

I selected a bunch of my favorite photos from that crazy week. It's one adventure that I'll never forget! I definitely must go next year!

xx Sam

sxsw_austin_texas_parade of lights

sxsw_austin_texas_parade of lightssxsw_austin_texas_parade of lights

Daley | Days and Nights, US Tour | New York, NY

I had the pleasure of photographing Daley last week as he stopped in New York along his Days and Nights US Tour. He's worked with so many amazing artists and is certainly becoming a powerful name in music. He's done work with Jessie J, The Gorillaz and Marsha Ambrosius. He performed a private show at the SoHo House on his birthday, also at the Highline Ballroom, and then at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. I first met Daley last year at an Emily King show at the SoHo House and then again this year at SXSW in Austin, TX. So much has changed in a year, and I couldn't be happier to see all the incredible work he's been putting out. I'm a huge fan of his hit "Alone Together" as well as "Blame the World" and "Time Travel." Do your ears a favor and listen to his fabulous music! Jump on the Daley bandwagon because he is blowing up!

xx Sam

Emily King | Northeast Tour | Part II

It's easy to fall in love with Emily King's music and I highly suggest you start now. I spent a week touring the Northeast with her and her killer band, shooting shows, exploring some beautiful cities, and I'm so thrilled to share it with you. The superbly talented Nick Hakim and his band was the perfect opener for Emily along the tour, with his smooth, relaxed sound and laid back personality.

Before the last show in Providence, we all had a day off to explore Newport, RI. Let me just say, thrift shopping is wicked fun. We played frisbee next to Fort Adams, skipped rocks along the shore, watched sailboats glide through the bay, let the most beautiful sunset take our breath away (rhyming... oh yes), and took tons of silly photos. The last night of the show, Emily pulled me up on stage to dance and apparently I'm not as bad as I thought... or maybe people are just being nice! It was such a fun moment to have everyone from the group up on stage just letting it all go and having the best time.

Thank you Emily, Aviva, Jeremy, James and James, Ethan, Mike, and Jay for a fantastic tour. You all make my heart happy and I am a better person for knowing you. Can't wait for the next tour!

xx Sam

Emily King | NE | PART I

Love you all to the moon and back xx

Emily King – Lead singer

Jeremy Most – Guitar

James Williams – Drums

Aviva Jaye – Lead vocals

Ethan Gouldbourne – Keyboard

Mike LaValle – Bassist (Philly and NY)

Jay White – Bassist (DC, Boston, and Providence)

James Allen - Tour Manager