We've had the great pleasure of working with many fantastic clients over the years. Here's what they had to say about our company:

"Sam was an absolute pleasure to work with! She took the time to meet up with us multiple times before our wedding so we could all become acquainted and comfortable with each other before the big day. This was huge for me, because I can be very self-conscious when it comes to a photographer taking our photos. I was so happy that Sam made us feel relaxed and comfortable from the start, and we were very excited to work with her. She has the business of wedding photography down to a science - we filled out her online form with all the necessary details (wedding timeline, locations, requested photographs, etc.) to make sure our wedding day went down without a hitch. Her second photographer was her sister Ren, who was just as much of a pleasure to work with. The two of them are so close and work very well together. They both traveled to two different sites with us to take photos before our actual wedding ceremony and were open to all our ideas! Having photographed many other weddings, they both had some awesome ideas and suggestions to bring to the table as well. The photos they took during our ceremony and reception were absolutely beautiful. Lastly, they were extremely flexible and allowed us the option to extend their time by an hour on the actual day of our wedding. We received our photos very quickly, and when I looked through them all I felt like I was re-living my wedding day all over again. Thank you so much Sam and Ren!!" - Becca H. and David H.

"Just received 900+ wedding photos and it feels like Christmas! Chuck and I are so grateful for Sam Burkardt Photography, who perfectly captured every moment of the most significant day of our lives! Sam is not only an incredibly talented photographer, but I'm also very lucky to call her a close friend! Thanks so much Samantha Burkardt and Ren Burkardt - these are very special." - Jessica P. and Chuck P.

"Samantha and Ren, you were both amazing! The photos have turned out fantastic. You are extremely talented in capturing shots at just the perfect moments. Amanda and I are so happy you were available to join us and shoot our special day. Love you both!" - Kyle J. and Amanda J.

"We cannot thank you enough for helping us to capture the most insanely incredible images of our special day! People ask me if I regret not getting a videographer and I say absolutely not. We knew when you did our engagement shoot that the images you capture conjure up every moving detail of that day in our minds. To us that is so meaningful. Wedding guests, friends, and really anyone who has seen our wedding pictures since have commented about just how stunning they are. Even some friends who went with other photographers told me they wish they knew about Sam ahead of time! You are truly the best! I would give ten stars if I could! Thanks again!" -Jennifer S. and Tony S. 

"My husband and I were blessed to have met Sam and have her photograph not only our engagement photos but also our family vacation and destination wedding in the Florida Keys.  She is a pleasure to work with and because of her we have the most amazing photos to look back on and remember some of the happiest times in our lives that are priceless.  She is so talented and goes about her work with such a passion that it comes through in her pictures.  Without a doubt Sam will be our go-to photographer to capture every and any milestone or event in our lives." - Jeremy J. and Ellissa J.

"Sam Burkardt and Ren, thank you so much spending the day with us down on Arthur Ave!! It’s like a second home to us and you two being there to capture such special moments made it feel that much more like home. The dynamic was truly astonishing and allowed for the most gorgeous shots!! We both had such an amazing time and CANNOT WAIT to share our special day with you!!" - Jacqie S. and Nick V.

"Sam did our engagement photos on Yale's campus and she was fantastic! My fiancé is very camera shy but Sam's personality and great ideas put him at ease. Our photos are absolutely gorgeous and very candid. Sam made sure we got in every single shot we wanted. Her excitement and enthusiasm for capturing us made the time fly by. I never expected that we would have so much fun and I am very glad that we chose her!" - Shelby B. and Colin S.

"Samantha (Sam) Burkardt is absolutely fabulous. We learned of her through a friend's recommendation when we were looking for an engagement/wedding photographer. My husband and I loved Sam from the very beginning. Don't let her pretty face and friendly smile fool you- she is truly a professional and knows what she is doing. Her website was beautifully organized and set up to really project her image- something I really love when I work with someone. Her resume includes celebrities, weddings, engagements, music tours, SXSW, and plenty of other amazing events. My then-fiance and I were living in Florida, planning a wedding at home in NJ. Sam Skyped/Facetimed us plenty of times to make sure we were all on the same point. Her contracts are well written, and very clear. There was no nonsense with Sam, and everyone was on the same page. Her prices reflect her experience- truly. They were pretty close to what other people were charging, but we really loved her as a person, professional, and an artist. She is accredited with plenty of companies she works with, as well as her own business. Sam is never hard to get ahold of, despite her crazy schedule. Text/call/videochat were always an option to get ahold of her. We really appreciated that, being long distance from our event. She's got plenty of package options to combine things, buy a la carte, whatever. We felt very comfortable working with Sam (and Ezra, her second shooter for our wedding). It's really wonderful to be able to have a professional that you can trust for one of the biggest (and most expensive) days of your life. Even today, we are still good friends. We would recommend Sam in a heartbeat to anyone planning an event. My husband and I married in September of 2013, in Northern NJ. Sam is based out of Connecticut." - Rania P. and Carlos P.

"If you are looking for an experienced photographer with an amazing personality, Sam Burkardt is the photographer for you! My husband is not one for pictures but Sam made him feel so comfortable and it made all the difference. Our photos didn't come out stiff or "posed". They were so natural and beautiful. We enjoyed every aspect of working with Sam. If you are lucky enough to have the chance to work with her, you won't be disappointed. She is a true talent and it shows in all of her work. We will definitely be using Sam in the future!" - Chelsie K. and Mike K.

"Sam did a fantastic job capturing a beautiful family reunion for my Dad's 60th birthday. We are a dynamic group and needed her to work fast to keep the interest of three babies and a 4-year-old. She had a great energy and was a pleasure to work with. The pictures came out even better than I expected. Highly recommend Sam!" - Ariella L.

"Thank you again for everything! Seeing our photos printed out is a completely different experience from viewing them online. Maybe it's because the images are bigger, or maybe it's physically holding them in my hands, but I look at them and think, "Wow! There's no way this is us. Look how amazing these people look; they're so happy and literally picture perfect!" And then I'm happy, and maybe tear up just a little. :)"  - Amanda S.

"Sam Burkardt is an exceptional photographer and person. From our engagement photos to our wedding day, Sam was professional, organized, and most of all, excited to work with us. Her knowledge and attention to detail in photography were apparent by the quality of the final photos, and her personality allowed everyone interacting with her to feel at ease. We know that the pictures she captured will be cherished by us for the rest of our lives." - Chris G. and Meg G.

"Sam was an amazing photographer at my engagement shoot, wedding and reception. She was absolutely charming and my guests really responded well to her. She captured candids as well as portraits perfectly. I am so happy with my photographs and would recommend her to everyone!" - Shannon B. and Shawn B.

"So amazing! So silly and genuine. She gets excited WITH you on your wedding day while taking pictures which is adorable and meant the world! Totally upbeat, and helped everything flow so smoothly. She has lots of unique ideas. So excited to see how our wedding photos came out." -Julia C. and Chris C.

"Thank you very much for helping us to capture the love we share with each other through your photography. A photograph is a wonderful remembrance of all that we witness in the world. We look forward to the end product with anticipation and we are content to know that we chose a talented photographer. Thank you for your ease in taking the shots necessary for a wonderful wedding that we hoped would be great and it was. You were a part of our day! Thank you for dealing with an older couple who just wanted to look like the younger couple we feel like! You were fun to deal with and we are happy!" - Gary C. and Joanne C.

"When my husband and I were starting to talk about spending forever together the one thing I told him I really wanted was photos from that special moment. He set up a magical proposal on the beach, in front of my favorite lighthouse and he contacted Sam to capture the moment. Sam was wonderful to work with and I will always remember the moment after I said yes looking over and my husband saying, “Say hi to Sam!” I couldn’t be more excited to know every second was captured from that day. Those pictures will forever be my favorite because they showed our love and excitement! Sam has a wonderful energy, calm manner, and it is easy to tell she loves what she does. We loved Sam so much we even hired her for my bridal shower, too!" - Barby G. and David G.

"She certainly had a good attitude and was great with dogs and kids! She would do a little dance to get the kids attention and was great to work with! She was on time to the event and available to stay incase we wanted her longer. She was also extremely easy to work with for everything from booking to the end of the event. What a lovely person to have document such a special day!" - Ali B.

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