Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical | Nottingham, England

"This is not a dream, my friend, and it will never end. This one is the nightmare that goes on. Hyde is here to stay, no matter what you may pretend, and he'll flourish long after you're gone." - Mr. Edward Hyde

"Am I a good man... Am I a mad man... It's such a fine line between a good man and a bad man....." - Dr. Henry Jekyll 

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How do you sum up a week spent with brilliant talent, wonderful new friends and so much photography, in such a way that people can feel how elated you are... It's so hard to write this because it means I'll be leaving soon, but I am over the moon about how everything has turned out. The phenomenal cast of Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical, presented by Musicality and directed by Lauren (Ren) Burkardt, allowed me into their close knit group and it's been an experience that I'll never forget. Not even two hours after landing in Birmingham Airport, rehearsal was in full swing at Nottingham University, head shots were needed for playbills and I had no time for jet lag!

Everyday was full of hours of rehearsing, lots of laughter, being among spirited company, and dazzling singing. I still can't get enough of the music (even listening to the live track from the show right now. Fan girl status!)

The abundantly talented and illustrious Robert Leventhall edited this awesome trailer together from my footage of a dress rehearsal. He's a mad scientist when it comes to editing film. Working with you has been marvelous, Rob! The television/theatre/movie industry needs you. I was immensely captivated by your take on Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde, especially in "Confrontation" when you are battling yourself. Those who missed the show should be kicking themselves because your performance was astounding. I can see that your future holds so many beautiful opportunities and I can't wait to say "I told you so!"

Lil' sis, I am so incredibly proud of you. This production was better than any amateur show I've ever seen. You can't even put it in the same category of amateur. From the eerie set, to the sinister and unforgettable music, to all your brilliantly selected cast members, I'm in awe. The first ever female and international director of a musical at your university is a big accomplishment in itself, and then blowing the socks off every audience on top of it all... you were destined to direct. After months and months of listening to you talk about your vision and how much you love the music, it was surreal seeing it all play out so beautifully. This show continues to haunt my dreams.... and I'm thrilled about it. I'm so glad I was able to be apart of this production and can't wait to help you with more of your future projects. I love you so much! xxxx

To the friends who I grew to know and became quite fond of -

Distinguished Lawrence - Mr. Stride... It's always a pleasure. Your performance in the show was fabulous and I love your voice. I knew you could sing, but seeing you on stage just sealed the deal for me that you will truly make a name for yourself in this business. ~You're an actor not a lawyer, you're Sir Lorenzo for a start! And I can tell by your behavior you can TOTALLY tell the two a part~ For more information visit ... oh, I went there... ;]

Beautiful Alice - Why... oh why, did you not kidnap me? I never want to leave! FaceTime is a must along with hanging out a ton when I come back. Your focus to make the set changes seamless really paid off in the end. You were one of the biggest assets to the show and I'm so glad to have found a new and beautiful friendship with you. I want to have many adventures with your lovely self! xx

Charming Charlotte - You are the most unsuspecting, crude humored person I have ever met, which makes you even more side splitting-ly hilarious. With that said, you're incredibly sweet and your knowledge of law and life floors me! You are going to be one of the greatest lawyers this country has ever seen, though I do wish you would stick with theatre! Your voice gives me goosebumps and you made me fall in love with the delicate Emma Carew. I just adore you darling! xx

Dashing Simon - Voice of an angel? I think so! You're so ridiculously kind and bonding over our Jim Carrey obsession has been one of the best parts of this trip. Our friendship fits LIKE A GLOVE! You're fabulous and I'm so grateful to have made a friend in you. I'm already going to start counting down the days until we can goof around again!

The lovely Nikki Clarke and Maddie Hardy - You absolutely MUST come visit us in the US! You are both too beautiful on the inside and out. I normally get nervous if people are watching me edit, but I was very comfortable with you both and love your killer personalities. Thank you for setting me straight with candy (sweets) and sneakers (trainers). I would have been very lost without those vital pieces of knowledge. I did look rather silly saying "sneaks"... Woop woop! xx

"If you live around here, lots of people I fear, will make promises they will not honour my dear, and the truth is... you end up getting scarred! There's a beast at the door and he's wild and free, but we don't let him in because we don't want to see what is lurking, right behind the facade!" - Spider


Sam xx

Lauren Burkardt - Director Katherine Tye - Musical Director Abbie Cohen - Choreographer Alice Kent - Stage Manager Natasha Mortimer - Set Designer Grace Roberts - Costumes

DR. JEKYLL/ MR. HYDE - Robert Leventhall JOHN UTTERSON - Lyle Fulton SIR DANVERS CAREW - Tom Hicks LUCY HARRIS - Pam MacDuff EMMA CAREW - Charlotte Harrison SIMON STRIDE - Lawrence Haynes SPIDER - Alex Huntley BISHOP OF BASINGSTOKE - Sam Greenwood LADY BEACONSFIELD - Imogen Levy LORD SAVAGE - Patrick McChrystal GENERAL LORD GLOSSOP - Simon Kale SIR ARCHIBALD PROOPS - Alex McIntyre NELLIE - Naomi Lambiase POOLE - Maddie Lawrance-Thorne BISSET - Dom Himsworth

ENSEMBLE/TOWNSPEOPLE (in no particular order): Laura Wainwright Jenny Lake Nikki Clarke Jemima Rathbone Maddie Hardy Kati Hall Josh Kirk Chris Johnstone