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Empire of the Sun | Gotham Hall | New York, NY

Empire of the Sun has sent their electronic rock music through my spine and made me a dance, slave to their new-wave sound. I worked with EMI Music and MTV on this spectacular show that was held at Gotham Hall in NY, NY. Aussie lead singer Luke Steele was full of electric energy and had the crowd begging for more before the show ended. I loved photographing this concert; the entire audience lost themselves to the music. It is definitely a night to remember!

A bunch of my photos are now being featured on Empire of the Sun's Facebook fan page, G+ page and their website!

xx Sam




Emily King | Webster Hall and Paradise Rock Club | New York and Boston

Emily King is brilliant. She is currently opening for Emeli Sande on her US tour and I am thrilled I was able to photograph these two spectacularly talented women. I won a photography competition from Talenthouse in October to shoot Emeli Sande in concert at The Paradise Rock Club in Boston and at Webster Hall in New York City.  My winning photograph "To be among the stars..." not only allowed me to work for one of the most popular artists in the UK, but also allowed me capture another brilliant artist in her element.

Emily's personality matches her sound. Mellow and beautiful. They both create music with heart. We need more of their music conquering our airwaves.

Again, thank you to EMI Music, Emeli Sandé, Talenthouse, and my good friends Allie and Colin for making this incredible opportunity possible!

xx Sam

Check out my Emeli Sande concert photos here!

The Paradise Rock Club show:

Webster Hall show:

Check out my Emeli Sande concert photos here!

Emeli Sandé | Webster Hall and Paradise Rock Club | New York and Boston

Last week I had the honor of photographing Emeli Sande live in concert during her shows at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA and at Webster Hall in NY, NY.  In October of 2012 I won a Talenthouse contest to photograph Emeli during one of her tour stops in the US, and ended up shooting two of her shows. Check out the contest details ::here!::

Her hit song "Next to Me" grabbed my attention back in the fall and before the end of the song, I was already looking her up and downloading her emotionally charged album "Our Version of Events." I remember submitting my photograph "To be among the stars..." and thinking how amazing it would be to have the chance to not only cover the show, but create art for her. I didn't even know I won the contest until the next day when I was checking my email. I just sat at my desk, shocked out of my mind... and then the jumping up and down started along with freaking out on Facebook... can you blame me? She has the number one selling album in the UK right now and she was nominated for three Brit Awards. Well deserved!

Both of her shows were incredibly fun to shoot, she was so lovely to talk with, and she was fascinated by the milky way print I gave to her after her NY show. It was so satisfying to see her eyes light up from my small gift. When a photograph of mine can make someone stop and say, "Wow," with such awe in their voice, I know I've created something bigger than myself.

Thank you so much to EMI Music, Emeli Sandé, Talenthouse, and my good friends Allie and Colin for making this happen! I hope my photographs portray how much I appreciate being able to cover such a marvelous artist. I can't wait to work on more extraordinary events such as this one in the future!

xx Sam

P.S. ... I love that this is my first of many great posts to come on my new blog site!

Featured : Samantha Burkardt Snaps Emeli Sandé Live x2

 This is one of my favorite shots from Emeli's concert in Boston on January, 15th: 

I loved how she just looked so in her element on stage. She moved, she sang from her soul, and smiled constantly. She's stunning inside and out.

"We are all wonderful."

Intense. From start to finish. Webster Hall on January, 17th:

 She was amazing both nights! I loved her fashion style, her stage presence, and she was so kind! Thank you for everything, Emeli! xx

 Contest winning photograph :] -