SXSW 2014 | Concert Photography | Austin, TX

The 2014 SXSW Festival in Austin, TX was one adventure that I'll never forget. I photographed The Kooks, The 1975, Parade of Lights, Emily King, Lemaitre, Daley, Young the Giant, Hey Marseilles, Claire, and Tensnake thanks to Astralwerks Records. Not only were the shows incredible, but the inexhaustible energy from all SXSW fans throughout the week kept me going. Every attendee was excited to party, watch a countless number of live shows and eat some of the amazing food that Austin had to offer. There were shows constantly playing in any bar or venue that you would walk past. You could hop in and out and head across the street if you wanted to hear someone else jam. I even spotted a few celebrities roaming around who weren't performing like Ingrid Michaelson, Drake Bell and Jared Padalecki. It was such a dream photographing The Kooks for the first time. I've been listening to their music since high school, so finally seeing them live and being their photographer was a real highlight of the trip. I'm a huge fan of The 1975 as well. Their spirit on stage was killer and I have tons of photos of them that I love. Meeting Daley opened up doors to shoot more of his shows in NYC, and I'll be photographing more Parade of Lights shows in NYC too! The lovely Emily King was fantastic in all of her performances as always and has some incredible new music that you should check out.

I selected a bunch of my favorite photos from that crazy week. It's one adventure that I'll never forget! I definitely must go next year!

xx Sam

sxsw_austin_texas_parade of lights

sxsw_austin_texas_parade of lightssxsw_austin_texas_parade of lights

Empire of the Sun | Gotham Hall | New York, NY

Empire of the Sun has sent their electronic rock music through my spine and made me a dance, slave to their new-wave sound. I worked with EMI Music and MTV on this spectacular show that was held at Gotham Hall in NY, NY. Aussie lead singer Luke Steele was full of electric energy and had the crowd begging for more before the show ended. I loved photographing this concert; the entire audience lost themselves to the music. It is definitely a night to remember!

A bunch of my photos are now being featured on Empire of the Sun's Facebook fan page, G+ page and their website!

xx Sam




Featured | Two-Time Winning Ninja | Talenthouse

So thrilled to be a two-time Talenthouse winner! With a 100,000+ Facebook platform, a 110,000+ Twitter platform, and connections to an extensive amount of artists, big and small, it's an honor to be featured on Talenthouse.

My first win was back in October and was awarded with photographing the amazingly talented Emeli Sande. I photographed her New York and Boston shows in January and am thrilled with how both concerts went. I also won the opportunity to photograph the Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano club concert at LAVO in NYC in March.

Check out Talenthouse's second feature on me!

You can find the first interview here!

xx Sam

Emily King | BAM Cafe and Soho House | NYC Concerts

I'm thrilled to say that I am starting to work closely with the abundantly talented Emily King as her live concert photographer and more. She is a brilliant artist and a passionate performer. It's been so lovely getting to know her and her band, photographing her performances at the Paradise Rock Club, Webster Hall, BAM Cafe and the Soho House, and being surrounded by tons of creatives. I took photos of Emily when she opened up for Emeli Sande on tour in January and was absolutely determined to work with her more. Her sound was so refreshing and I loved her look. Her songs "Down" and "Georgia" stuck with me through the rest of the evening when I heard her for the first time. After tweeting my blog post from the Boston and NYC shows to Emily, she and her manager got in contact with me almost immediately.

I love my job and all the adventures that have come from it. There's so much ahead that I simply cannot wait for.

xx Sam

Soho House:

Emily King, Daley and Maxwell! Photobomb courtesy of Jeremy! Hahaha

BAM Cafe: