Justin Nozuka | Rough Trade Concert | New York, NY

Justin Nozuka was in New York for the last stop of his tour and played for the crowd until they swayed to the trance of his choice. His new album, Ulysees, left my heart filled with peace and understanding. His performance at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY, touched my soul and is something I will not soon forget. Nozuka had two remarkable artists with him to open up his show. One of them was Megan Bonnell hailing from Canada like Nozuka. She is a beauty to behold and her dreamy, soulful voice makes her a complete knock-out. With her sweet disposition and illuminating stage presence, no one could overlook her. The crowd adored Megan and insisted she continue to play long after her set came to an end. Sanders Bohlke followed after Bonnell, with his beautiful and calming melodies. He cleverly layered his voice over live recordings during the show to produce harmonies with himself and it made the crowd take notice. It’s amazing how I can now work with such clarity when I have his music playing in the background. Bonnell and Bohlke have made me a new fan of their music and I can’t wait to hear more from them in the future.

xx Sam