Emily King | Northeast Tour | Part II

It's easy to fall in love with Emily King's music and I highly suggest you start now. I spent a week touring the Northeast with her and her killer band, shooting shows, exploring some beautiful cities, and I'm so thrilled to share it with you. The superbly talented Nick Hakim and his band was the perfect opener for Emily along the tour, with his smooth, relaxed sound and laid back personality.

Before the last show in Providence, we all had a day off to explore Newport, RI. Let me just say, thrift shopping is wicked fun. We played frisbee next to Fort Adams, skipped rocks along the shore, watched sailboats glide through the bay, let the most beautiful sunset take our breath away (rhyming... oh yes), and took tons of silly photos. The last night of the show, Emily pulled me up on stage to dance and apparently I'm not as bad as I thought... or maybe people are just being nice! It was such a fun moment to have everyone from the group up on stage just letting it all go and having the best time.

Thank you Emily, Aviva, Jeremy, James and James, Ethan, Mike, and Jay for a fantastic tour. You all make my heart happy and I am a better person for knowing you. Can't wait for the next tour!

xx Sam

Emily King | NE | PART I

Love you all to the moon and back xx

Emily King – Lead singer

Jeremy Most – Guitar

James Williams – Drums

Aviva Jaye – Lead vocals

Ethan Gouldbourne – Keyboard

Mike LaValle – Bassist (Philly and NY)

Jay White – Bassist (DC, Boston, and Providence)

James Allen - Tour Manager